CCTV The objective of this document is to provide a reference against which Installers of CCTV systems, whether analogue, digital or a combination of these technologies, can be inspected to ensure that the functions and performance of CCTV systems installed by them are within levels agreed by the licensed contractor and the client or user [...]

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) for Traffic Management

ABSTRACT Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) for Traffic Management Due to the population increase all over the world current road infrastructures are unable to keep up with the escalating transportation demands. This situation where travel demands exceeds the capacity of the transportation network is known as traffic congestion. However, it is impractical to build more roads [...]

Digital Video Recorder DVR

Abstract of DVR This application note introduces the types of compression security and surveillance-video technologies used today and the inherent strengths of some video-compression standards. The discussion covers the basic concept of how DVR digital recorders utilize legacy CCTV and IP camera inputs―they utilize the H.264 video compression standard to compress signals, allowing increased storage [...]

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