general building make smart

general building make smart ,A building management system (BMS), otherwise known as a building automation system (BAS), is a computer-based equipment of make smart building installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems.

A smaller scale of this system is Smart Home. A convenient home setup where appliances and equipment of make smart building can be automatically controlled remotely from anywhere in the world using a mobile or other networked device.

A smart home has its devices interconnected through the Internet, which control functions such as security access to the home, temperature, lighting, and home theater.

Building Management System

general building make smart ,The building management system (BMS) is an overarching control system that is responsible for the automatic regulation and control of non-GMP facility subsystems, maintaining predefined parameters (or set points) and the control of their functionality. The major aim of the BMS is to guarantee the safety of facility operation, while also monitoring and optimizing the use and efficiency of its supervised subsystems to allow more efficient operation. Examples of the major subsystems controlled by the BMS are:

1.HVAC System.

2. Central Fume Collection, Laminar Flow Units, Dust Collection System, Central Vacuum System, Heat blowers.

3. Technical Steam System.

4. Hot Water System and Central Heating.

5. Chilled Water System.

6. Sprinkler System (for fire safety).

7. Electrical Monitoring System.

With innovative, integrated solutions under one roof, we want to make buildings intelligent and shape the future. With energy-efficient and future-oriented technology, we want to ensure that people feel at home in buildings, have a maximum sense of security and can work in a sustainably productive way. From the modern family home to the exclusive luxury hotel. Worldwide, from a single source.

Fire alarm equipment

Fire alarm equipment Smoke Detectors As the name implies, these devices are designed to identify a fire while in its smoldering or early flame stages. Smoke detectors operate on either an ionization or photoelectric principle, with each type having advantages in different applications. Photoelectric Detectors: Photoelectric smoke detectors use light and how it is reflected [...]

Digital Video Recorder DVR

Abstract of DVR This application note introduces the types of compression security and surveillance-video technologies used today and the inherent strengths of some video-compression standards. The discussion covers the basic concept of how DVR digital recorders utilize legacy CCTV and IP camera inputs―they utilize the H.264 video compression standard to compress signals, allowing increased storage [...]

Control a Smart Home using Voice Commands

ABSTRACT of Control a Smart Home using Voice Commands In recent years, the field of Internet of Things (IoT) has seen significant investments made by the research community and the industry. Specifically, the Control a Smart Home has been a prime focus with the introduction of devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Samsung Smart [...]

The Application of Wifi Technology in Smart Home

Abstract of Wifi Technology in Smart Home With the continuous maturity of WiFi technology and the growing development of smart home, the use of WiFi technology to control home systems on smartphones will become an important part of people's lives in the future. More and more enterprises have joined the industries of developing smart home [...]

Iot And Smart Home

Internet of things The Internet of things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles (also referred to as ”connected devices” and ”smart devices”), buildings, and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.[1] IoT And Smart Home allows objects to be controlled and gather [...]

parksol smart parking

ParkSol parking guidance system Driver information and smart parking guidance system to improve the management of car parks and customer parking experiences. Reach operational excellence by accurately monitoring your parking lot occupancy via ultrasonic or magnetic sensors. After concentrators collect the data and send it to the computer on real-time, Parksol software accurately directs your [...]

Types of smart building sensor and how they work

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The Difference Between a Smart Home and Home Automation

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An overview of smart home system communication protocols

2 - An overview of smart home system communication protocols 2.1 - Abstract When building an intelligent environment able to interact and assist people in a smooth and kind way, one of the practical issues to be considered in smart home system is the communication technology that will connect the “brain” (intelligence) of the system [...]

Introduction of smart homes

Introduction of smart homes In the Introduction of smart homes(Bms) , Smart homes are based on the concept of integrating intelligent technologies into residential spaces aiming to increase the quality of life. Emergence of this concept is a promising solution for major concerns towards building sector namely, energy consumption and environmental impacts. Besides, smart homes [...]

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