DMX vs DALI Lighting Control System What Are their Differences

Lighting controls are a type of smart lighting technology that allows you to adjust the amount, quality, and characteristics of light in a specific area. Dimers are a good example of lighting controls. The two main types of dimming controls used in outdoor lighting fixtures are the DMX (Digital Multiplexing) and DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface). To [...]

What is DMX

DMX lighting control DMX is a lighting control protocol which allows users to have ultimate control over their lighting needs. Although it does not only apply to lighting, lighting is the most common use for DMX lighting control. DMX originated as a way to set the bar for lighting manufacturers to build fixtures that would [...]

An Overview of Wireless Protocol Security in the Smart Home

Wireless Protocol in the Smart Home While the application of IoT in smart technologies becomes more and more proliferated, the pandemonium of its protocols becomes increasingly confusing. More seriously, severe security deficiencies of these protocols become evident, as timeto-market is a key factor, which satisfaction comes at the price of a less thorough security design [...]

Applications, Systems and Methods in Smart Home Technology

Abstract Smart Home technology started for more than a decade to introduce the concept of networking devices and equipment in the house. According to the Smart Homes Association the best definition of smart home technology is: the integration of technology and services through home networking for a better quality of living. Many tools that are [...]

Overview and Comparative Analysis Of Smart Home Systems

Abstract Smart Home Systems have achieved great interest in the recent years to make people’s life easier and more comfortable. Smart home system offers people to control home environment in efficient and comfortable manner. Technological advancement in recent years resulted in producing a large number of smart and sophisticated systems which promoted smart living technology. [...]

Bluetooth Smart Home

Abstract—Smart grids are an evolution of the existing electric distribution systems due to the growing demand of energy, the expansion in the use of renewable energy sources, and the development of novel and innovative information and communication technologies (ICT). The installation of systems based on wireless networks can play a key role in the extension [...]

Smart Home Systems Based on Internet of Things

Smart Home Systems Based on Internet of Things Smart home systems achieved great popularity in the last decades as they increase the comfort and quality of life. Most smart home systems are controlled by smartphones and microcontrollers. A smartphone application is used to control and monitor home functions using wireless communication techniques. We explore the [...]

Z-Wave Smart Home

Introduction of Z-Wave smart home Z-Wave smart home is an international standard for wireless home automation. Home automation allows to interconnect all functions dealing with electricity such as light, heating, cooking, cooling, security etc with each other and to apply automation of these functions. This results in more security and more convenience in homes and [...]

ZigBee Smart Home

ZigBee Wireless sensor networking is one of the most exciting technology markets today. Over the next five to ten years, wireless sensors will have a significant impact on almost all major industries as well as our home lives. ZigBee got its name from the way bees zig and zag while tracking between flowers and relaying [...]

An Intelligent Home Automation System

Home Automation System The comfort of the home and the Society are helped by the "things" which surround them. These things are connected to each other, either directly or indirectly via the internet of things. Having full access to controlling these devices remotely with reasonable precision within the network when required is a key element [...]


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