Multifunction Room Automation – Room Controller

Room Controller A single Room Controller controls all the room functions. The fundamental principle: One device per room A single Room Controller controls all the room functions. This “one device per room” principle economically and flexibly provides KNX functionality: With 4 or 8 modules, which are simply inserted into the basis device, all loads in [...]

Smart Metering in home smart

Smart Metering in home smart Task knx KNX is a worldwide standard in home smart for home and building control, offering new products in the market of and smart metering. The increasing number of products by different KNX manufacturers in this market segment provides a good variety of installation options. In addition, it is intended [...]

KNX Secure in home automation

KNX Secure in home automation At KNX Association we are committed to be the most secure solution in the smart home and building automation market. That is why we are the first technology to meet the highest security requirements according to the encryption standard AES128.(KNX Secure in home automation) Why security matters Data protection is [...]

Types of smart building sensor and how they work

Types of smart building sensors and how they work The world of smart building sensors can be a confusing one. There are lots of different options out there and there’s a whole lot of information too – ranging from the very basic to the impossibly technical. We’ve put this list together to introduce the various types of [...]

KNX and the Internet of Things

KNX and the Internet of Things KNX and the Internet of Things is a buzzword in the world of information technology. Everyday objects become intelligent and communicate via the internet. This also means that the possibilities for home and building automation are increasing. A home of office where many different objects are connected with each [...]

application of knx building automation

application of knx building automation You’re in control(knx building automation), wherever you are! Create the dream home you’ve always wanted. Today and tomorrow. You are in control with KNX With KNX you can combine all kinds of smart home solutions to automate and simplify your daily life. We are your all-in-one system to a home [...]

what is knx

A brief introduction to KNX The demand for comfort and versatility in the management of heating, lighting and access control systems for a family home as well as an office complex is growing. At the same time, the efficient use of energy is becoming increasingly important. People want a comfortable, sustainable and safe place to [...]

benefits of knx smart home

benefits of knx smart home benefits of knx smart home, A future proof technology The smart home and building market is constantly changing and technology is improving fast. However, the latest technologies, such as internet of things, are already part of our current software. We don’t wait for new ideas, we come up with them. [...]

knx smart home Architecture and communication medium

Architecture in knx smart home Decentralized system KNX is a decentralized system, this means that KNX smart home devices: are configured individually operate independently The most important advantage of a decentralized system is the fact that in case of a problem with one of the devices, only that very device is effected and not (necessarily) [...]

device capacity in KNX smart home

device capacity in KNX smart home 1.7.1. Segment in KNX smart home By definition in KNX smart home, a segment is any equipment being electrically connected together. In this case a segment is a collection of TP1 devices that are electrically connected together. In order to set up a TP1 segment a PSU and a [...]

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