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Multifunction Room Automation – Room Controller

مستر کنترلر اتاق در هوشمند سازی ساختمان، master controller knx

Room Controller

A single Room Controller controls all the room functions.

The fundamental principle:
One device per room

A single Room Controller controls all the room functions.

This “one device per room” principle economically and flexibly provides KNX functionality: With 4 or 8 modules, which are simply inserted into the basis device, all loads in this room (lights, blinds, heating, etc.) can be controlled.

کنترلر اتاق هوشمند سازی ساختمان room controller knx

Economic security from the outset

The installation concept of the Room Controller, particularly the simple plug-in module concept, provides security and reliability.

•When planning the infrastructure of a building:

–It can be undertaken without exact knowledge of the subsequent user demands.

•During commissioning:

–When user demands have been determined, they are implemented by simple insertion of modules.

• In operation in a building:

   — Modifications to the room utilisation are easy to implement.
— The changes to the cable routing are limited to the room concerned.

Improved fire protection included

The significant reduction in the wiring also considerably reduces the fire load and thus improves safety for persons and assets.

Save on energy and not on comfort

Each room is used differently. The different module assignments of the Room Controller can be configured accordingly.
Just three examples of special building functions that can be implemented with the device.

In the lighting sector

Constant lighting control is not the only conceivable solution.
A high level of comfort can be assured by the control of different light scenes.

Blinds and roller shutters

Not only do they provide pleasant shading, they also assist in responsible use of energy. Intelligent facade controls move the blinds to suit the position of the sun.

Heating/Ventilation/Air conditioning

The control of electrothermal valves on radiators is no problem for the “electronic switch actuator” module of the Room Controller. The ventilation can also be integrated into this automatic control.

Room Master

مستر کنترلر اتاق در هوشمند سازی ساختمان، master controller knx

The Room Master is a KNX device with a combination of inputs and outputs. The quantities, technical data and the functions of these inputs and outputs are compiled, so that overall control of all the functions in rooms of a live-in character or apartments, are implemented via a device. Typical areas of application of the Room Master are hotel rooms, hospital rooms as well as apartments in institutions for residential care or in student residential homes.
The Room Master with its compact design covers all the basic requirements for Lighting control, Heating/Air conditioning, Shading control (shutters, blinds or curtains – with the RM/S 2.1) and Control of further loads via switched electrical sockets. Function extensions are possible at any time, e.g. devices for dimming via KNX device.

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