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Smart Metering in home smart

اندازه گیری هوشمند در KNX

Smart Metering in home smart

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KNX is a worldwide standard in home smart for home and building control, offering new products in the market of and smart metering. The increasing number of products by different KNX manufacturers in this market segment provides a good variety of installation options. In addition, it is intended to demonstrate the option of installing active tariff management.


knx in home smart The use of metering for electricity,heat consumption,fill level monitoring and water meters with electronic data recording and storage facility ensures the safety of the system in case of power failure. Complete visualization of the data with integrated consumption display and diagrams is available and easy to configure.This solution makes it possible to record and monitor the consumption of each KNX unit connected to the system.


By connecting the sensing devices to the KNX bus system and linking this with the IP domain it is possible to display and process the respective data on the touch panel. The software by Promoveo-Technology is used to record and evaluate the data so that users can readily see the consumption of the various media, i.e. electricity, water, gas, solar and heating in the past and the consumption can be extrapolated for the following week. To benefit from different electricity tariffs, it is possible to use power-intensive equipment during the cheaper periods. In this way users of this technology can react to tariffs as they change and use them to their advantage.

Knx function in home smart

• Display of electricity tariff (cheap, expensive)

• Heat consumption meter with KNX interface

• Electricity meter (different types of energy meters with flexible IR-interface)

• Water meter with KNX interface

• Control of filling levels for tanks (oil, water, liquids)

• Evaluation of consumption data and display in diagrams

• Display of consumption levels high, average, low – represented by red, yellow, green

• Display of electricity tariff with the option of manually connecting or disconnecting electrical equipment

Benefits of knx system (home smart system)

The system represents a worldwide standard and can be used to display the consumption of different types of energy in buildings. The customers can check their consumption data by pressing a button. The energy management software can be used to connect or disconnect power-hungry equipment (washing machine, dishwasher etc.) to benefit from cheaper tariff periods. KNX in smart home helps to use energy more economically while enhancing comfort and security.

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home smart


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