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سیستم صوتی خانه هوشمند KNX


AUDIOMODULE. Our best Sound Server and KNX multiroom solution in REG format. Flexible in use, easy to set up and with impressive sound.


The AUDIOMODULE is a high-quality Sound Server and network streaming participant with a digital sound processor (DSP), which is available with either line-out or speaker-out. Whether as audio client or server: Use the AUDIOMODULE in a very flexible way. The direct KNX connection allows you to connect it to KNX systems without any detours. Multi-room audio control with on-site operation via KNX sensors or via a central building visualisation system is child’s play with this module, which is only four units in size. Theft- and tamper-proof installed in the installation distributor, it is perfectly suited for use in commercial properties such as hotels, as well as in areas accessible to the public. With or without KNX integration: the AUDIOMODULE is also suitable as a stand-alone Sound Server for objects with only one music zone In addition to the possibility of playing music from local servers or Internet radio stations, the integrated Logitech™ media server offers a variety of different functions through the 3rd party plug-in offer. Easily connect external audio sources such as CD players or TVs via the analogue input with automatic source switching. KNX Audio – Completed by the selectable DSP profiles and four available device variants, the AUDIOMODULE becomes our best KNX multiroom solution in the distribution board.


The AUDIOMODULE is the ideal product for both commercial and private real estate. Whether hotel, doctor‘s office, restaurant or smarthome – offer your customers a professional and scalable standalone or multiroom audio solution. Depending on the variant, the AUDIOMODULE supplies either an amplifier (line variant) or is connected directly to loudspeakers (speaker variant). A high-quality Class-D amplifier provides dynamic sound. For a very discreet installation, it is suitable for use together with wall-mounted and in-ceiling mounted loudspeakers. Choose one of ten different DSP profiles for perfect sound in all situations.


The AUDIOMODULE is based on the proven SqueezeBox™ technology. The mature protocol is ideally suited for multiroom installations. The music data is provided by the Logitech® Media Server (LMS) and transmitted to the modules over the network. The intelligent transmission protocol is extremely lightweight and eliminates the need for an additional network. The open architecture makes using plug-ins for the Logitech® Media Server easier than ever.



The AUDIOMODULE can also simultaneously be used as a Sound Server. This means that in addition to playback in your own music zone, it can be used as a server for further AUDIOMODULEs. Smaller multiroom installations can be realized without an additional audio server. This reduces initial costs and installation effort.



Automatic or manual. The dynamic switching of the Aux input makes switching between network streaming and analog playback sources such as CD players particularly convenient. The dynamic playlist management ensures that titles and covers are always up-to-date in a visualization. The direct KNX connection makes integration particularly straightforward. The integration into our CUBEVISION visualisation (EIBPORT and CUBEVISIONMODULE) is done simply by selecting the AUDIOMODULE in the CUBEVISION editor, completely without a KNX configuration. The CUBEVISION editor automatically finds the AUDIOMODULE as soon as it is available in the local network. In the web-based configuration interface, you simply select the desired server. The AUDIOMODULE takes care of the rest.


سیستم صوتی هوشمند KNX 1
The AUDIOMODULE Line is connected to the speakers of your choice via an amplifier – such as the AUDIOAMP. Due to the direct connection to the KNX bus, playback is controlled by any components such as KNX touch sensors.


سیستم صوتی هوشمند KNX 2

The speakers are connected directly to the AUDIOMODULE speaker and powered by the integrated Class D amplifier.

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