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knx binary inputs

ماژول ورودی KNX و knx binary inputs

knx binary inputs

Wide-range inputs and a streamlined range – The KNX Binary Inputs.
KNX Binary Inputs serve as an interface for operation of KNX systems via conventional push buttons and switches as well as for processing binary signals (signalling contacts).
In contrast to the existing solutions, where the input voltages of 24 V and 230 V required separate devices, the Binary Inputs now feature wide-range inputs, which can process voltage signals ranging from 10 to 230 V AC/DC.
This offers the installer significantly greater flexibility.
In addition to two devices with 4 and 8 wide-range inputs, the KNX Binary Input product range is rounded off by two devices with 4 and 8 inputs with scanning voltage. On these types, a pulsed scanning voltage is provided for connection of floating contacts from the device.

With an identical range of applications, the number of KNX Binary Inputs is now reduced from 6 types to 4.
All Binary Inputs feature a high-quality membrane keypad for comfortable manual operation and display of the device functions. Input states can be simulated at the device, so that the conventional push buttons, switches or floating contacts do not need to be connected for commissioning purposes.
The device functions can be easily tested during commissioning in this way.
The Binary Inputs are powered via the KNX and do not require an additional power supply.

The software functionality of the Binary Inputs has also been extended. It is now possible to send several switching telegrams with just a single push
of a button.
Especially useful, just as in the case of the Switch Actuators, it is also possible to copy the channels of the device in the ETS. The parameters and group addresses of a channel can be simply transferred to other channels in this way. This simplifies project engineering and helps reduce sources of error.


• Operation of KNX systems via conventional push buttons and switches
• Processing of binary signals (signalling contacts)


• Flexible application due to widerange inputs
• Reduced stock requirement due to streamlined product range
• Simplified commissioning using the copy function


• BE/S with 4 inputs for contact scanning and manual operation
• BE/S with 4 wide-range inputs and manual operation
• BE/S with 8 inputs for contact scanning and manual operation
• BE/S with 8 wide-range inputs and manual operation

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