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Shading Control

Shading Control

Shading Control

Modern building installation enables a high degree of functionality and simultaneously complies with increased security requirements. Due to the structured installation of the electrical components, it is possible to carry out rapid planning, installation and setup as well as achieve cost benefits during operation. Modern sun protection devices (Shading Control) have a significant role, as they must fulfil many demands:

•Anti-glare protection (e.g. PC workstations)
•Utilization of daylight by tracking the sun‘s position and directing available daylight
•Protecting furniture and carpets from fading
•Regulating the room temperature (overheating protection in summer; harvesting the available energy on cold days)
•Providing protection from people looking in from the outside
•Protection against intruders.

With the Blind/Roller Shutter Actuators JRA/S, the complex requirements on a sustainable and energy efficient automatic sun protection control can be implemented in offices, residential and functional buildings via ABB i-bus® KNX.
The Blind/Roller Shutter Actuators are ideal for the control of drives in the area of sun protection:

•Blinds, exterior blinds, slat blinds and panel curtains
•Roller shutters, roller blinds, screens, vertical blinds
•Awnings, pleated blinds, pleated curtains, etc.

Blinds and roller shutters

Sensor controlled roller shutters, windows and blinds with sun position(shading control) controlled louvres not only provide pleasant shading, they also allow optimal lighting and room climate conditions and assist in responsible use of energy.Main benefits

  • Eases the work of the intergrator thanks to the automatic travel detection and front-end control buttons
  • More energy efficiency with the effective use of daylight and external temperature
  • Quick, efficient and detailed device analysis without ETS software, even remotely, thanks to
    the ABB i-bus® tool

Main features

  • Control of independent drives via ABB i-bus® KNX
  • Electro-mechanically interlocked outputs prevent possible destruction of the drives
  • Additional safety is possible when used in combination with weather station e.g. protection of shutters agains frost, wind, precipitation

Optimum room air quality via automatic ventilation

The demands for the reduction of energy consumption often results in poor ventilation in today‘s heavily insulated buildings. The quality of the room air does not comply with the desired and required level.
Natural ventilation is often an effective and efficient method for exchanging the “used” room air and improving the air quality in the room. If the air quality in the room is monitored with sensors (temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration), the ventilation flaps can be opened automatically and in good time ensuring that the air quality is kept in a comfortable range.

Blind/Roller Shutter Actuators are ideal for control of ventilation elements such as

•Ventilation flaps
•Roof hatches, skylights
•Windows, doors and gates

Automatic travel detection

Travel times for the connected drives can be easily determined during operation with the automatic travel detection feature. It saves time during
setup. Furthermore, compensation of age and weather-related length changes to blinds or roller shutters is assured. It facilitates precise positioning
of the blinds/shutter when using sun position-dependent(shading control) control. Diagnostics Enhanced diagnostic messages can be issued with the Blind/Roller Shutter Actuators. They are particularly useful during setup or in the event of faults. It is possible, for example, to detect and signal if the power supply to a drive is interrupted.

Copy and exchange

This function allows parameter settings of an output to be copied or exchanged with other freely selectable outputs.
This is possible within a device or in conjunction with several devices. Copy and exchange is useful particularly on projects, where all drives of a facade are controlled identically. It shortens the setup process and reduces the possible sources of error with parameterization.

Integration in the room temperature control

The intelligent and networked blind and roller shutter control plays an important role in the energy efficient usage of a building. The level of sunlight in the room and heating up due to the sun‘s energy can be controlled in conjunction with the room climate control.
The software function “overheat control” prevents unintentional overheating of a room. The blinds are closed in good time. The shutter control can be actively involved in the room temperature control – a requirement for implementing high-efficient buildings compliant to EN 15232.

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